The Crescent Herald


The Crescent Herald shall serve as the chief officer of the Caid College of Heralds. The Crescent Herald shall be a person conversant in book, field and court heraldry.
The responsibilities of the Crescent Herald shall include:

Administering the Kingdom College of Heralds, and assuring that its functions are performed in a timely manner.

With the aid of the Kingdom College of Heralds, deciding all questions regarding submission of heraldic devices, names and other matters brought before the Kingdom College of Heralds for approval

Assuring that the policies and procedures of the Corporate College of Arms of the SCA are executed at Kingdom level.

Making such rules and regulations regarding ceremony as are appropriate and not inconsistent with the rules and laws of the SCA or the Corporate College of Arms.

Making such rules and regulations regarding the warranting and ranking of Heralds within the Kingdom as appropriate.

Supervising the activities of the College of Scribes to the extent appropriate.

Promoting and facilitating the advancement of heraldry and heraldic knowledge, both within and outside the SCA.



All heralds whose warrants are signed by the Crescent Herald in that capacity.
The Dolphin Herald
The Bellows Herald
The Courtesy Herald
The Recorder Herald
The Scribe Amaris
The Kingdom Archivist